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Every Item from the collection is unique. I don't believe in mass production.
I make only one from each, so if you see something that you like,
better order it, because gone, means gone for ever...!!

For this reason my products are limited, I don't have stock of anything.
Every item that I create can be found on the website,
or in our shops or on Facebook or Instagram!

This is not an auction site, so the first buyer is always the owner.

I do my best to keep the website and all social media up to date.
It can happen that your item of choice is already sold.
In that case I will provide a similair alternative.

I will send you an email with my offer when this happens.

You can also choose to tell me your wishes and I will make a
personalized /alternative item for you at the same price.

As you will understand, I can only give limited warranty,
you have the option within two weeks of receipt to return if broken.
I will repair or replace the item for you, but I never give money back.
Delivery charge is always for buyer.

With replacing the item, the color or model can deviate from the original.

All prices are exclusive shipping and included taxes.
I maintain the local post company shipping prices.

Sunny's Place is not responsible for lost orders,
you should always contact your local post company.

The order procedure is as followed:
You choose your item and remember it's number.
You click in the top menu on the Order section.
A page will open where you fill in all information asked.
Click the Order button.

In short time you will receive an email with payment instructions.
You have 7 days to pay the order, if I don't receive your payment within these 7 days,
I will cancel your order.

The moment you click the button to order,
you agree with all the terms mentioned above.
For any question/comments Contact Sunny's Place

Sunny's Place
Located @ Holland & Egypt
Tel: NL 06 14169253