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Tips to keep your jewelry beautiful...

Sunny's Place jewelry are made with great care.
I would like to give you some tips to maintain their beauty.

User Advice
Don't use perfume, water or creme while wearing your jewelry.
This can harmfully effect the jewelry.
When you do so, it's on your own risc and we are not resposible for that.
Also I like to mention that your skin acidity can influence the jewelry
and therefore can change the color.

Don't wear your jewelry while sleeping, doing sports, shower or other activities.
Always keep your jewelry in the pouch you received when not wearing,
so that they can not damage.

Swarovski stones are vulnerable. They are made from real glass,
so when they fall, they can chip, break or get loose.
Sunny's Place gives no warranty to that.

All Sunny's Place jewelry are nickle free unless otherwise specified.