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Now that you made it all the way through here,
you might as well want some background information about the face behind the scene!!

The name Sunny's Place was found more than 20 years ago.
I was looking for a catchy name.
A friend once told me: "You Bring The Sun Out".
And that's exactly what I want to achieve with my items.
So, I kept this quote in the back of my head.
Bring The Sun Out, show who you are!
After that it really did't took long before Sunny's Place was brought to life.

The website Sunny's Place did arise after a search on internet to find affordable jewelry.
One site more beautiful than the other and really amazing collections did I found.
The only thing lacking was a reasonable price.
My intention was to create contemporary beautiful jewelry, affordable for everyone.
So I did a speed coarse webdesign and that's how "Sunny's Place" got in this world,
a personal website, where creativity, personal touch, craftmanship
and a fair price quality ratio seamlessly connect together.
It was once a registered business, but because of health issues,
it's nothing more then a pass of time now...
But still much alive and I even have my own little gang that help me selling my stuff
and take care of me and guard me with their lives, I love these guys with all my heart.

Sunny's Place gives every item a Personal Touch, to be sure that the result is always exclusive.
To be unique and in style is a requirement of todays society,
therefore at Sunny's Place you're always at the right place.

I put a lot of energy in to creating something exclusive,
where my starting point is always to keep you happy and satisfied .
That's why I have only customers who appriciate my profession knowledge.
Customors who know that at Sunny's Place they'll always find jewelry of high value
but with always a reasonable price.
This gives me the inspiration to keep creating and wanting to share with everyone, always.

To request for leaflets, business cards, making appointment or to come visit our shop,
just contact us at Sunny's Place without obligation.

Read this before making any order.